DANCERS Alexey Rukinov & Daniil Sakhanov
Cinematographers Alexey Rukinov, Nikita Bondarenko
MUSIC 1 Konstantin Garkaviy, Ori Lichtik
MUSIC 2 Lajamartin
MUSIC 3 Sascha Ring
Costume designer Polina Khalikova
Words Alexey Rukinov, Andrey Kalugin
Connection. The in between. A man alone can handle adversities based on his experience. How exciting his path will be. Lonely paths in between them. Space. Time. What can you do with time? Filling space with time, you lose the point. This is where the essence begins. This is the revival of the new. This path has importance, importance for everyone. Why we swim when we can drift with the boat together.
During the path. Dirt and laughter. Not everyone is able to handle this. Everyone is their own world, the attitude toward which that world comes is inspired by many particles. Invisible forces of everyday life. Separate, destroy or find a common peace. The choice is simple if you have a path.
Our path is full. Everyone's endeavor, like fire, incinerates everything around. Fire, like blood, flows through our veins. The smell of smoke, the smell of wind, the smell. The art is being passionate about us. We are being consumed by art, entranced. Together or one by one until, until ash, until essence.