The path. How is it measured? In steps, kilometres, hours, minutes? What is the significance of it? Where is the beginning and where is the end? How quickly time passes when we have so many plans and things to do, how weeks can slip out of our memory… We often capture only the essential moments, not paying attention to the path we have gone through, but usually, it is there that lies what is the most important. We become free when we have the right to stop the creative process, choosing the moment of the endpoint, focusing on our own request. Striving to consume only the finished result, the spectator misses a unique opportunity to get into the Creator's train of thoughts, to learn ways of solving problems in the process. Likewise, in our fleeting life, kilometres of time are lost from memory, from one point to another the passed between is completely erased. On the other hand, it is the fixation that determines the ending. After all, even the shortest segment can shine brighter than the night sky: those passed points will not let it go out. But if you want to figure out the significance of your path: try, passing a year-long milestone, to sum up the number of these points and answer the question: “The process or the result?”
Construction Polina Khalikova & Andrey Moshkarov
DANCE Alexey Rukinov, Mari Fomicheva, Daniil Sakhanov
Producer Alexey Rukinov, Daniil Sakhanov, Polina Khalikova, Andrey Moshkarov
Dir/DOP Nikita Bondarenko
Cameraman Daniil Gulyakov
Production designer Yana Mu
Edit/Color Nikita Bondarenko & Dehancer Film
Music Ezio Bosso
Backstage Polina Gavrilova