The project was implemented with the support of PJSC "Tatneft", the Charity Foundation "Tatneft"

DANCERS Studio of contemporary dance "Freestyle" (main cast): Anastasia Vershinina, Amina Motygullina, Damir Gaisin, Elvina Akhmetzyanova, Irina Suponinskaya, Takhir Shakirov, Elmira Fattakhova, Sofia Abramova, Danir Khabibullin, Margarita Svintsova, Ilvina Badikova, Sofia Shaimardanova, Regina Farkhutdinova, Aida Mannapova, Yulia Sakhmanova, Polina Osminina
Team Leader Maxim Apraksin
Video production KUGUART & Aidar Makhiyanov

In our life, there are several types of people. Some are in a constant search for themselves, while others simply go with the flow. The next group initially knows what they want but do not understand how to achieve it. The fourth group has unique abilities from birth and develop them, or they "bury" these abilities and lose them. And there are people who lack any talent and achieve everything through hard work, despite all the difficulties and obstacles that life has prepared for them.