DANCER Nika Zhukova
MUSIC Roman Kadadov
Costume designer Polina Khalikova
Mua Polina Gerasimova
Producer Yuriy Chalov
DIP Nikita Bondarenko
Production designer Yana Mu

Focus puller Alexander Saveliev
Mechanic Maxim Spiridonov
Crane operator Maximov Oleg
Supertech Goldenberg Alexander
Gaffer Michail Vilchinkov
Remote controller Evgeny Safiulin
Projector Pavel Rodnov
Illuminators: Ilya Latypov, Ilya Novik, Ilya Polyukhovich, Vasily Lyaporov, Emil Akhmetov, Anton Kolesnichenko
Rents: Yourrental, Uley rental, Bogdan i brigada

Props Marta Vyazemskaya
Director Alexander Dziczkowski
Props Anna Kuznetsova
Editor Lana Chesnokova
Colorist Egor Nikitin
Operator backstage Yulia Gorlenkova
Photographer backstage Andrey Ivliev
Director assistant Maria Fomicheva

Administrator Oleg Tsvetkov
Helper Alexander Fomenko
In the modern world, it is very easy to believe in lies that are often presented in a good package. Each person decides for themselves whom to believe, whom to follow, and how to behave in such situations. Will you bury yourself in your own thoughts, build a new reality, or dive headfirst into a new world? How long will you be able to believe in something that was created not by you ? Perhaps it is better to distract yourself and go create something new, being inspired by something pure and lofty. Perhaps the person who is currently sitting on the couch and doesn't understand where the truth is, can be inspired by your idea or your thoughts, and go and create a pure reality for other people.