DANCERS: Alexey Rukinov & Irina Kononova
Director of photography/Colourist: Nikita Bondarenko
MUSIC: Konstantin Garkaviy
Editor: Tanya Matveeva
Costume designer: Polina Khalikova
Life is going. Time brings in the new. We're following these unseen things, searching for the new, going towards somewhere unusual. Is there quality in unfamiliar things? Not always. As long as I remain familiar. Opinions imposed on us. We're perpetually following them and ourselves lose the quality. We become faceless. Life is going. We strive for the best. Looking for something similar. Discussing the life which is going and those in it who are still going. But when are we going to live? Have your own opinion. Know how to separate. Listen to your heart. Be yourself. Go and create. Try, make mistakes. Your life is going.